2:22pm 08-27-2014
Joyce Rasmussen
I was just browsing today, I'm not completely sure what baby I want. I'm sure I will know when I see the right one. Thank you! Joyce
8:52pm 12-14-2013
Ketza Foster
Donna your dolls are beautiful. Dennis gave me your web address after I told him I had looked for you on Facebook. Thank you so much for the help you have given us during our hardship. I daily pray God's blessings for you all. Love, Ketza
3:13am 11-16-2013
Brenda Castello
Hi I saw your babies at the doll show. They are just lovely
I look fwd to seeing you at the next show. Warmest Wishes Brenda
7:49pm 03-27-2013
Debbie Smith
The best reborn artist I have seen. Love your new site.